Ground Beef

Grass Fed.  Black Angus.  Lean.  Ground Beef.

Want to know where your meat comes from?  Want to source your food locally?  Want to know what your meat has eaten?  Are you concerned about animals being ethically raised?  What about hormones & antibiotics?

At Riverbend Acres we are a little old fashioned.  For starters we are only a 100 acre farm, this is small.  We also have many different kinds of animals, kind of like how things were 50 years ago when everyone might have had some laying hens, a few pigs to feed their veggie scraps, a horse to help with the work, and some beef cattle.  Our animals are all heritage breeds, the ones you would have seen in Canada 100 years ago.  Our animals are all known to us individually, they are cared for us personally, and they are raised how we’d want to be raised.  Therefore they are not given hormones to make them grow faster, and there is no medication in their feed.  Therefore it gives me great joy and confidence offering you meat that I grew.

I always have ground beef for sale, and you can buy a small or large amount.  The cost is $5.50 per pound and it comes frozen into one pound packages.  This picture is the actual meat.

Contact Libby for questions or for a pick up time.

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