Latest animal developments

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Lambs Have Arrived

Babies are so adorable.  My favourite are lambs, that’s due mostly to the fact that when you want to cuddle these wooly little animals their mothers don’t try and kill you (like cattle and pigs do).  The ewes simply give a little “baaa” to ensure their lamb knows they are close by.

We also have calves, kids and foals due this spring… so stay tuned to see pictures.

If you have a ride booked soon, looks like we will be taking a wagon as the snow has melted…

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Valentines Day Sleigh Ride

Valentines Sleigh Rides

Its the time of year for love!  Come celebrate each other with a private sleigh ride.  Blankets provided.  Ride lasts 20-25 minutes and travels through the secluded woods on our 100acre farm.  Relax together visiting some barn animals afterwards.  Looking for something other than dinner and a movie… you found it!  Contact us to book your time.  $80 per couple, tax included.

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